How To Register for CFR Services online
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How To Register for CFR Services online

​How To Register for 'CFR Services on-line'

In order to use and benefit from the CFR Secure services, one must possess an e-ID.
The benefits of the CFR Secure internet services are:
Accuracy - A series of checks and warnings prompt you to adjust any errors that might render your tax return inaccurate. These include validations with information in the Commissioner for Revenue systems provided by your payors such as your employer or pension providers.
Efficiency - When you file your income tax over the Internet, the Department will calculate the tax on the amounts that you have entered in the on-line tax return. You will be able to settle any outstanding balance on-line using the e-PG or Internet Banking and your return will be acknowledged on line as soon as you confirm it. Information is processed automatically without any user intervention.
Savings - It will save you time, as you will no longer need to queue at the department to file your return or to pay any due tax. Secondly, it will reduce the use of paper - you will no longer be required to send paper copies of the tax return and related documents.
1.      Register with the Commissioner for Revenue
The registration is done by completing the relevant CFR form/s (refer to CFR Services online Forms in e-services menu here). The completed and signed form/s is/are to be emailed to: ictservices.cfr@gov.m​​t​
2.      Register for an e-ID
Each user identified in step 1 must possess an e-ID in order to access CFR Services on-line
3.      User may access the CFR services online available on through the e-id Card Reader and/or Two Factor Authentication Method
a.      Users availing of e-id Card Reader are to contact Identity Malta​ or 25904300
b.      With Reference to the Two Factor Authentication Method, users shall refer to the User Guide
4.      Submit Data
If you are a data provider and there is no specific manual, the following steps must be followed:
  1. Go through the Tax Department’s website and click on "Log in” through Employers’ Portal.
  2. Enter your e-ID login and password and click "Login".
  3. Select the "Employer / Data Providers Services" role.
  4. Click "Submit Data" found with the main menu at the left hand side of the screen.
  5. Download a personalised spreadsheet by click the "Download" button.
  6. You are now ready to submit your data by inputting data into the downloaded spreadsheet and upload it using the "Browse" button followed by "Submit".
  7. Click "Confirm" in the confirmation dialog box displayed in order to confirm your submission.
By using CFR Services On-Line you are accepting the Terms and Conditions set out by the Tax Department.