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CFR Services Online - Employers & FSS Services

Employers can honour all their tax obligations from the comfort of home or office. Monthly payments of Social Security Contributions and FSS Tax withheld from their employees’ salaries and wages can be effected together with the on line filing of (FS5). The end of year employees’ statements of earnings (FS3’s and FS7) can also be filed on line either through a web form or through a spreadsheet application from the employer’s desktop.

 The Commissioner for Revenue encourages employers to use the on-line service to benefit from the following advantages:

 • No need to call personally at the department

• On-line validations will ensure that the data submitted is error free

• Correct submissions are acknowledged immediately on-line

• Improved security and confidentiality in the submission of the information to the Commissioner for Revenue

• Payments are always available for viewing, with online records for future reference available even after the submission of the FS7 and FS3 data

• Employers may test the FSS files against all validations through their authenticated access

• The FSS e-filing spreadsheet acts as an interface between the payroll and the Commissioner for Revenue website, where the employer is able to:

        ◦ Log on securely (through the use of the digital certificate) to the Commissioner for Revenue website

        ◦ Personalize the spreadsheet with the registration information (PE Number, Name, Address etc)

        ◦ Load the FSS and SSC files generated by the payroll for viewing and possibly modification of the data. If a              PE Number has more than one file these can be merged using the spreadsheet.

        ◦ Test and submit the end of year information with the Commissioner for Revenue website

        ◦ Receive the appropriate feedback (Errors, acknowledgements, payments information) back into the                         Spreadsheet.

 Employers who intend to use this on-line service require e-ID authentication and can request access through the CFR03. Employers can opt to assign the filing of the FSS end of year documents to a trusted person or to a registered Tax Practitioner. Access to a trusted person who is not a registered Practitioner is to be granted via a CFR03; on the other hand, Service access to a registered Practitioner is to be granted through CFR02.

More information on CFR Services On-Line and how to register for FSS On-Line Services may be found here.
The Electronic Lodgement Specifications is a guideline which is more technical in nature and aimed at payroll software developers who may be required to provide the facility of the electronic lodgement to their clients.


  Power-point Presentation on how to Submit FSS data



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