Promise of Sale
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Promise of Sale

Last updated: 15/05/2020


1)    Found a mistake in the Promise of Sale notification, what can be done?
One should inform the Notary so that he/she will correct the mistake.
2)    I want to check if my promise of sale has been registered
Notaries have 21 days to register the agreement. A promise of sale notification is sent to both parties and to the Notary.  If no notification was received please check with the Notary.
3)    I have a pending promise of sale agreement and have changed my residential address
Please inform the Capital Transfer Duty Division through, subject of email should be PoS Change of Address and quoting PoS number at the top part of the notification.
4)    I want to check how much I have to pay in provisional stamp duty
Provisional stamp duty is calculated at 20% of the final stamp duty due. Please contact your Notary for clarifications of the exact amounts due, as these may vary due to various factors.
5)    I have received a letter with a brochure about the energy performance certificate
The letter is a confirmation of registration of a promise of sale agreement which you have entered with third parties. The brochure reminds you that upon signing of contract, it is a legal obligation to present an EPC certificate upon sale.