Information Management
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Information Management

Last updated: 31/05/2022

Information Management 

Over the last two decades, data resources have flourished throughout both public and private organisations. The use of Information Technology has revolutionised the manner and medium in which data is stored, making it much more accessible and analysable. 

Data Warehouse 

Since its establishment, the Tax Compliance Unit has acknowledged that its success in implementing various tax compliance measures depends on the use of valuable information resources. In this respect, the Tax Compliance Unit has set up a Data Warehouse comprising various databases from several Government and parastatal entities whose data is considered critical in formulating business’ and taxpayers' profiles. 

This information is periodically updated under formal agreements reached with the respective owners of these data sources. This repository of information enhances the auditing capabilities of the Tax Compliance Unit and is a major factor in securing compliance by taxpayers under the main tax regimes.  Information housed within the Data-Warehouse is considered to be highly confidential, and access to such information is strictly on a need-to-know basis. Information residing within the data warehouse is also regularly forwarded to enforcement teams within the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue to support their own enforcement processes. 

Risk Analysis 

The Tax Compliance Unit has a Risk Analysis team which carries out various exercises based on information residing in the Data-Warehouse. Selected cases by the Risk Analysis team are referred for eventual audit or enquiries by the Tax Compliance Unit or other enforcement teams. A further enhancement to risk analysis carried out by the Unit was the setting up of a Joint Enforcement Task Force. Members of this Task Force include elements from the various enforcement sections of the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue. Information gathered by this Task Force is considered a valuable source of information for eventual risk analysis exercises.​