Acquisition of Immovable Property - Quality Service Charter
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Acquisition of Immovable Property - Quality Service Charter


The AIP section has recently obtained a Quality Service Charter which demonstrates the high commitment to client service of this section.

To deliver our Charter we respond to several clients including estate agents, public notaries, members of the legal profession, non-residents and vendors of immovable property. Our clients seek widely diverse services and outcomes which may include:
•Consultation as to the current provisions of the legislation and regulatory policies;
•Approvals or permits under the legislation we administer;
•Obtaining information from or for non-resident vendors or purchasers of immovable property or for their own organisational scope.
Our standards
If contacted, we will at all time act politely and fairly, and with courtesy and consideration. We will:
•Answer phone calls promptly during normal office hours and identify the name or position of the person answering and branch contacted.
•Acknowledge all correspondence within 24 hours of receipt and finalise processing within 72 hours of receipt of the police conduct certificate.
•Respond in an informative sensitive way.
In providing information we will:
•Give you the most accurate, up to date information available to us; and
•Answer as fully and precisely as requests permit us to do so.
When we are carrying out our legislative responsibilities, we will:
•Administer the provisions carefully, fairly and objectively; and
•Give up to date and accurate information about the relevant legislation to enable clients to meet your obligations properly.
How well do we provide our service?
We aim to achieve the standards set out in this charter as part of our scope to be a best practice organisation. Assessing our performance against our standards is an important element in achieving this aim.
We will welcome comments and feedback on how successful we are in meeting our service standards as an ongoing process.